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3 n 1® w/Rotating Top and Slide-Out Shelf
or 3 n 1® w/Fixed Top
Perfect for a mobile salon!

UltraLift, Inc. - 3 n 1 Table

Electric Elevating Lift

  • Quiet & smooth electric-drive system
  • 300 lb. lift capacity
  • Oil-impregnated bronze bushings
  • Powder-coated steel tube frame
  • Dual cantilever system for extreme stability
  • Elevates from 18" to 44” in approximately 10 seconds

Rotating Top

  • Construction-grade wood top, secured with bolts & tee-nuts
  • Durable pebble-finish mat surface
  • 22"x35" or 24"x42" table top
  • 360° rotating device
  • Easy to grip T-handle lock release
  • Commercial-grade ball bearings for smooth and stable rotation

Slide-Out Platform/Bridge

  • Construction-grade wood
  • Durable pebble-finish mat surface
  • Locks when completely pushed in
  • Safety switch disables table when platform is pulled out
  • Safety cut-off switch

* This is the ideal table for mobiles and small salons with limited space!

Made in the U.S.A.