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June 14, 2017

Hello Bob & Shelly,
I wanted to express a sincere Thank you to both of you for the high quality grooming equipment that you were able to provide for our salon.

Initially, the quoted price was a little scary, but I'm a strong believer that you get what you pay for. Once received, it was obvious this was true with the items we purchased from you.

I'm already seeing it as a wise investment- our customers appreciate the low-stress environment we promote for their pets ( fiberglass wash and holding units & elevating tables & tubs). They appreciate that they are not stainless steel, so their pet doesn't feel they are at the vet. The elevating equipment also is less stressful for our geriatric pets.

Our groomers also appreciate the state of the art equipment - The elevating equipment has already helped with some of the larger breeds we've had as clients (Greater Swiss Mountain & Bernese Mountain dogs)
Having the best equipment at their disposal makes their job easier, and I like that it helps their productivity.

I've attached some pictures of our salon with your equipment in action.

Thank You Again- Paul Kurinec

Woodland Pet
Franklin Lakes, NJ

July 19, 2015

Dear Bob & Shelly,
I love the tub. Here are some pictures that I took of my Rosie (aka Nosie Rosie) christing the tub. It is so easy. My back is not broken.

Thank you for making such a GREAT Product,

T.G.R. Professional Dog Grooming
Chicago, IL

March 29, 2015

Bob love my electric wash tub. It enables me to dogs up to 75# as I am quite under 5'. Glad I purchased the added anti sitting bar as shown to avoid back strain and being able to lower it for the dog to walk in is so great. Also puppy tray is good for small dogs not have to reach in and strain. It is my second best investments. My first was the Lil Pup electric grooming table and works good on small to big dogs and does not tip. I recommend both from UltraLift and bob was so accommodating and great to work with. Thanks so so much.

Julie Sanford
Barks n Bubbles Boutique - New Lisbon, WI

February 2, 2013

Hi Bob! This is a super thank you for such a wonderful table. So glad I purchased another electric control to have them on two sides instead of just one. Also glad I ordered a second grooming arm. It is so complete!!!!! Have anyone call me at 608-847-1931 for a reference and wonderful service. I am so happy with it and was very very worth its money. Thank you. Julie Sanford.

January 7, 2013

After working for other grooming salons I decided it was time to go out on my own. I bought a standard table, had a regular bath tub put in and bought 2 stand driers. When I was setting up shop on my front enclosed porch, I wondered how I would get the dogs in the tub by myself. I thought "I'm young, in good shape, no problem" I put a drying bench that led to the tub so if they jumped up on the bench they could be led into/out of the tub. This worked ok but then we moved and my building was going to be bigger for me:) This time my husband bought me an electric table to help with the lifting, well if I had a nervous dog large or small they would get the table rocking which meant I had to hold onto the arm of the table and hike a knee under it to stabilize it, happens more times then not. I then had stairs added to try and get the big dogs into the tub.....needless to say I was getting frustrated and I wasn't getting any younger. I was coming to the conclusion that I may have to quit grooming all together as it was getting physically too hard for me alone.

Then I found Ultra lift, what a God send. I invested in a small pup table and an electric tub. The joy of grooming came back to me. After a few years I upgraded to the Big dog table with the PetSitter and a new tub with a butt holder in it as well. Being able to work alone was made so much easier!

If I had spent the money to begin with when I first started I know I would be in better shape. The way I was working has taken a toll on my body and I am not as strong as I was. Granted I am 51 years old, but I know for a fact, I hurt a little more now then I should, if I hadn't abused my body struggling by myself with poor equipment. I still enjoy grooming but encourage anyone who is starting out to invest in Ultra Lift's equipment now instead of later.

Linda A Haita--Calhoun Clippers, Muskego, WI

December 1, 2012

We recently purchased an Ultra Lift elevating bath, its one of my better decisions. We have been contemplating it for a long time and there was always the excuse – where can we put it ? Every time we saw Bob & Shelley at a show I drooled over his products and my eye always went to the bath. I had to check it out. There was nothing negative about it, I had to have this bath, but where would it go? I was always sending our customers to purchase one and they all loved it and I couldn’t get one.

We had recently got another Samoyed puppy bath time was easy send the dog to a groomer. I like to bath my own dogs I had to get a bath and soon.

Whilst remodeling our Kitchen last month I asked the carpenter what are the chances one of these baths would fit in our laundry room, after all the plumbing is all there. I spoke to Bob and he informed me that that the bath comes in 2 widths now… well now he’s talking… the rest is history !!!! A week later the bath was shipped the cabinets had been altered at the bottom – floor retiled and voila the Dog Bath was ready for installation. Needless to say IT ‘S AMAZING. What I love about it is that it is fiberglass and 1000% better than stainless. This will hold up for years to come as it will not rust. It has multiple positions to secure the dog. Everything about it is top quality, even down to the faucet. Bob you have done a wonderful job. Thank you for our Ultra Lift bath.

Ruth Ashley- Stern & Jeff Stern
Ashley Craig Pet Products
Ashley Craig Pet Products

November 29, 2012

I have been using Ultra Lift products for quite a few years now. I have to say my Ultra Lift table still looks and works like brand new. I love the swivel top, and love the fact that they use quality products that don't bend, crack, creak, or break. Having had serious back surgery a couple of years back, it is great that the table goes so low that even the giant breeds can and will comfortably step onto the table. I think my very favorite thing about Ultra Lift products is Bob and Shelley. They attend all the grooming shows and actually talk to the groomers for ideas on what "we need" to make our lives a bit easier. Bob is an inventor and always coming up with ways to make it work. Their customer service is fantastic, which is a giant plus for groomers who are so tough on our equipment. Shelley and Bob always have a smile and friendly "no pressure" attitude, and have great advice that goes beyond their products. I highly recommend groomers to check out Ultra Lift and spend some time talking to this family run business, you won't be sorry.

Sue Zecco, NCMG, CMG
GroomTeam USA memeber

November 26, 2012

I would like to take a moment to talk about Ultra Lift Grooming equipment. It was about twelve years ago I saw some new tables at a show, I think it was Groom Expo in Hershey. I was very impressed at the size, strength and sturdiness of these tables. I purchased four of them and they were delivered to my salon by Bob the company owner. I used these tables for ten years with no problem and was very happy with how much easier they made my job.

About two years ago I traded them in for the pretty purple ones (a couple of Lil Dogs and a Big Dog)and I'm still totally in love with them. I also have the Space Saver Tub at my new little salon in my house, it's just the right size and it looks so nice. We had several show people here for Montgomery who were very jealous of my setup and have vowed to have a tub and table like mine.

The company is wonderful to deal with , honest and fair.


Sarah Hawks,NCMG Certifier for National Dog Groomers and grooming rep for Les Poochs Fragrances.
Thunder Rd Sealyham Terriers